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Does this sound familiar?

With the effort you’re putting into practice, you deserve nothing but progress! Let’s ditch the guesswork and get you on the right track. You bring the hustle; I’ll bring the game plan!

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I can help you play better, faster!

I’ve been in your shoes before. Putting the time into practice, only to get worse, frustrated, and confused. It wasn’t until I learned how to practice, what to work on, and how to work on it that I finally saw results from the effort I put in.

I’ve helped thousands of golfers like you online and in person improve and play their best golf.

I can do the same for you!

How can I help you?

Pricing for Mike Bury Plus

Mike Bury Plus

My game improvement platform in your pocket.

Remote Coaching with Mike Bury

Remote Coaching

Near or far, coaching with Mike is just a click away.

In Person lessons with Mike Bury

In-Person Coaching

Face-to-face with private lessons or golf schools.

Benefits of working with me...

Zac Radford and Mike Bury

Aha! Moment clarity.

My skill and experience in analyzing your swing, with clear communication, ensure you grasp current techniques and required adjustments.

Customized and pre-built practice plans

Lightening Speed Progress.​

My customized coaching focuses on your unique needs. No one-size-fits-all methods. No wasted efforts, so you play better, faster!

Tracking your performance in practice

All-Around Improvement.

With a holistic game-improvement approach, we’ll elevate every facet of your game, enabling you to tackle any situation confidently.

Break Boundaries Process: Your improvement short-cut!

Step 1: Schedule

We'll speak so that I can assess your goals, and you can get all of your questions answered.

Step 2: Plan of Attack

I’ll make a customized plan, and we’ll work together to execute on it. You’ll eliminate obstacles and you’ll always know what to do and when.

Step 3: Break Your Boundary

You’ll finally achieve your biggest goals, allowing you to play better with more consistency, and spin your wheels less.

What are people saying?

In just 4 months I’ve went from a 3.6 to a +.5 with commitment to the lessons and practice! My misses and mistakes have gotten so much better as well.

Programs and Pricing Dallas Texas

Seth L

Mike’s effectiveness in communication breaking down the game /technique to your skill level is rare. My biggest fear with a swing coach was them being too aggressive and changing everything to fit their template golf swing.


Ryan J

I started working with Mike a year and a half ago. I was a 40 handicap and now am under 20. I had gone through 3+ coaches that I didn’t love until I met Mike. His data-driven approach to instruction is unique and refreshing. 

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Anshul M

Is this right for you?

If any of these sound like you, then it’s time to work with Mike!

Coaching & A Whole Lot More!​

One-on-One Coaching

Custom coaching from Mike Bury, providing clear guidance and accelerated progress.

Customized Plan

Progressive learning that builds on prior lessons, providing seamless, continuous progress.

Holistic Approach

Comprehensive training for a well-rounded skill set to tackle any course challenge.

Video Analysis

Visualize your swing nuances and tendencies, creating a clear, streamlined pathway for improvement.

Post-lesson Recaps

Video recap of your lesson, ensuring key takeaways stay fresh in your mind and no vital detail is forgotten.

Practice Plans

Tailored practice plans ensuring focused improvement and efficient practice time.

Technology Integration

Ensures accurate evaluation, so you know you're focused on the right improvements.

Progress Tracking

Stay informed if you're on track, allowing for adjustments to ensure continuous progress

Skill Development

Enhance your skill, not just your swing, for better ball control and lower scores.